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Household Bleach Review: Generic 101 Bleach Is A Great Buy

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  • Household bleach, also known as chlorine bleach, is a common name for the generic version of Clorox, which has lots and lots of uses for stain removal, cleaning and laundry around your home.

    I have tried lots of different generic versions of this product, since as I explained in more detail in my I don't think there is a reason to pay extra for a brand name version of what is, ultimately, just the chemical sodium hypochlorite.

    Normally when I go to I buy the Great Value brand of bleach (and you can read my review of that below), but one time when I went I saw this generic brand version, 101, and since I like to try new things to report to you guys, I tried it.

    I have to say 101 Bleach is basically the same as every other household bleach I've tried, so nothing spectacular to report. However, it was cheaper than buying so using it instead of the name brand is a simple way to save money!

    I'd love to hear your reviews of generic and store brands of bleach that you've tried. You can , and your .

    As I explained before I tend to buy Great Value brand chlorine bleach normally, since I often shop at .

    In general, I have been pleased with many Great Value products, and this is no exception.

    Although I tried 101 Bleach (see review above) one time while at the store, I tend to just stick with my tried and true store brand.

    I don't use very much household bleach, as a rule, so I also save money by buying a small amount at a time. Normally, buying in higher volumes can save money, but chlorine bleach actually has a short shelf life, so if you don't use it very often don't buy the big jug. It won't save you money to buy a lot and then have to throw it out when it becomes ineffective.

    I'd love to hear what other generic or store brands of liquid chlorine bleach you've tried, sharing whether you like it or not, especially compared with the main name brand, Clorox.

    You can and your .

  • Half strength
    by: Anonymous

    If you google "101 Bleach MSDS" you will find out this product is diluted down to 2.7% active ingredient vs. Clorox and some others 6%. It's still ok for use as a milder bleach but by no means is it better value in most circumstances considering it has less active ingredient.

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