Alconox Detergent Cleaning Concentrate 4 lb. Container [BISS]

Alconox Detergent, 15 gal

Alconox Powder Labware Detergent, 4 lbs Box

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  • A: Alcotabs® Tablet Pipet Detergent is a tablet that is designed to effervesce and give time release flotation and detergent cleaning in a siphon pipet washer. Alcotabs detergent dissolve to a pH near 7, starting out acidic and the pH rises as the effervescence slows down and eventually stops. The tablets contain anionic surfactants, phosphates, carbonates and organic acids.

    Alconox® Powdered Precision Cleaner is a manual and immersion cleaning detergent concentrate. Alconox powder dissolves at a 1% use concentration to a pH near 9.5. Alconox detergent contains anionic surfactants, phosphates and carbonates.

  • To obtain a certificate of analysis, use the Technical Information and Certificates section of the Alconox website . You will find this option in the top of the left hand navigation. Use the pull down the menu to choose COA Cert. of Analysis and a form will come up in which you have to fill out your company information and put the lot number of your Alconox detergent. Fil in the relevant information, hit the submit button, and your COA will pop up for viewing, printing or filing as an Adobe Acrobat brand pdf document.

    A. Regretfully, once solidified, the phosphates in Alconox detergent powder have been hydrolyzed by exposure to water or humidity and then have re-condensed and hydrated to form a phosphate cement. It is certainly possible to scrape and pound to break it up in to chunks and release powder and use these chunks for general purpose cleaning. It is not recommended to use the chunks for critical cleaning. Once the phosphates have hydrolyzed, they are chemically different than the original chemical and will not perform all of the dispersing, chelating and sequestering functions as well as the original formula did.

  • White Plains, New York – Learn how to select and use detergents for critical cleaning applications with a new guide that covers the benefit of s more than half-century of experience – including a method-by-method review of critical cleaning procedures, and a selection matrix to identify the right Alconox detergent for the application.

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