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  • As Aedes albopictus breeds in small water bodies, the spokesman reminded members of the public to inspect their homes and surroundings to remove potential breeding grounds, scrub vases and pot plant saucers at least once a week, properly dispose of containers such as soft drink cans and lunch boxes, and drill large holes in unused tyres. He also advised the public and estate management bodies to keep drains free of blockage and fill up all depressions to prevent puddles from forming. They should also scrub all drains and surface sewers with an alkaline detergent compound at least once a week to remove any mosquito eggs.

    The present invention relates to a mildly alkaline detergent for dishwashing machines which is characterized in that it contains sodium citrate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, a bleaching agent, a bleach activator and enzymes as essential components and, in the form of a 1~

  • 2145~63 Nildly alkaline dishwashing detergents Mildly alkaline detergents for dishwashing machines are known per se. They essentially contain peroxy compounds as bleaching agents, enzymes as detergency boosters, penta-alkali metal triphosphates and alkali metal silicates as builders, nonionic surfactants and alkali metal carbonates as buffer. Their pH value in use is below 11, but may even be 7 (cf. FR 1 544 393, US

    CIP 150 Alkaline Detergent is a proprietary blend of potassium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite (oxidizing agent), surfactants and other performance-enhancing ingredients that provide multiple cleaning mechanisms. This low foaming product removes a wide range of process residues, from fermentation by-products to silicone-based emulsions and lubricants, and is ideal for use in CIP, COP and manual applications.


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    Another process of the present invention will comprise immersing the soiled dishes into a water bath or held under running water without any alkaline liquid detergent composition. A device for absorbing alkaline liquid hand dish washing detergent composition, such as a sponge, is placed directly into a separate quantity of a concentrated pre-mix of diluted alkaline liquid hand dish washing detergent composition, for a period of time typically ranging from 1 to 5 seconds. The absorbing device, and consequently the diluted alkaline liquid hand dish washing detergent, is then contacted individually to the surface of each of the soiled dishes to remove said soiling. The absorbing device is typically contacted with each dish surface for a period of time range from 1 to 10 seconds, although the actual time of application will be dependent upon factors such as the degree of soiling of the dish. The contacting of the absorbing device to the dish surface is preferably accompanied by concurrent scrubbing. Typically, said concentrated pre-mix of diluted liquid dishwashing detergent is formed by combining 1 ml to 200 ml of neat dishwashing detergent with 50 ml to 1500 ml of water, more typically from 200 ml to 1000 ml of water.

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E x a m p 1 e s The favorable properties of the- mildly alkaline detergents according to the invention in preventing bloom were tested in comparison with known detergents contain-ing pentasodium triphosphate.