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7 Uses for Baking Soda in the Washing Machine

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda-4LB (01170)

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  • If your tennis shoes are looking kind of crappy thanks to caked-on dirt and other wonderful stuff you've picked up over the years, they're probably due for a cleaning. You could pay for the service or just do it yourself with baking soda and laundry detergent.

    There are so many laundry detergents, that I typically purchase what is on sale, however when I read **Ultra Gain with Baking Soda Laundry Detergent** gets your clothes whiter, I had to try it. The detergent contains baking soda to give your clothes a whiter shine and it truly works. I was so happy it kept the color of my clothes and made them look clean and crisp. What I love even more is the fresh scent. The scent is just the perfect sweetness and a hint of citrus to make your clothes feel clean and renewed. This detergents washes out completely without a residue and really makes your whites sparkle with a clean scent.

  • The Converse web site . Basically you wash them by dumping some warm water on them, brush them with a mix of baking soda and laundry detergent, wash them again (a lot), and let them sit overnight with newspaper stuffed inside. That seems to work pretty well, but DIY-on-the-cheap blogger suggests you can just get the job done more easily with some new laces and a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. , so it seems reasonable that they could clean a shoe as well. Either way, don't forget to clean the treads, too. !

    I really have enjoyed the Tide Pure Essentials Baking Soda Liquid Laundry Detergent with the White Lilac Scent. Tide has been so innovative adding these extra ingredients to the laundry detergent helping to make the most of each wash. The baking soda is great for removing bad odors, giving a little bit of a scrub to the clothing and helping bring out the whites. Since it doesn't have an odor you just get the great smell of Tide. The detergent is strong to remove what you don't want, yet gentle enough for clothing you like a little extra care with. A small amount is enough to leave clothes smelling and looking clean and fresh. The detergent comes at a good price and you can find Tide just about anywhere you go.

    Does a great job of leaving clothes fresh, clean, soft, and scented.

    The scent is nice and refreshing, like spring, it is soft and not overpowering. Just the right amount.

  • I purchased Gain with Baking Soda Liquid Laundry Detergent a while back because I had a coupon. The product worked surprisingly well for its cheap price. My clothes felt as soft and clean as when I use my favorite detergent. The only downfall to this product is the scent. Many people may like it, but for me it is too strong of a floral/fruit scent. The smell lingers on clothing after it is washed which I am not a fan of.

    This product works very well at getting clothing clean. After my husband and I were done with yard work I put our grass stained and dirt covered clothes in the washer and used this detergent. It removed all the stains and dirt from our clothing and left it feeling soft and clean. I believe this is because of the baking soda that is included in this detergent.

    I am not a huge fan of this scent. It is quite strong and it lingers on clothing after it is washed and dried.

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As with all Tide products, the Tide Pure Essentials Baking Soda Liquid Laundry Detergent, White Lilac Scent, works great. It definitely keeps my clothing clean and the colors looking vibrant. You only need to use a small amount of this products, so a bottle lasts a long time which is great since laundry detergent isn't always the most affordable product!

I also tend to have skin sensitivity, and this didn't cause any irritation, which is always a positive for me. It didn't cause any irritation or skin sensitivity.

This product kept my clothing clean and smelling nice. It did not cause the colors to bleed or fade at all, even when I used it on very colorful outfits.

Since I'm not the biggest fan of floral scents, I was concerned I wouldn't like this product, but the scent was just the right amount. It was not too powerful of a scent that it became overwhelming. It also kept the scent in the clothing for a while after I put it in the closet. I always like when I wash something and it still smells nice weeks later when I get to wear it!