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Biokleen Laundry Liquid, Citrus Essence, 64 Ounces

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  • While I regret to say Biokleen Liquid Detergent did not work on my cloth diapers, it does fine on our regular laundry, especially with a a bit of sodium carbonate added to the machine as a booster. The price is great and the natural scent from the orange peel extract is nice. Since it is cloth diaper friendly and works in soft water, I would say to give it a try. It really does work pretty well as a pre-wash stain treatment if you happen to be out of everyone’s beloved !

    I first discovered Biokleen's All Temperature Citrus Laundry Detergent when I was immobilized following knee surgery. I was unable to go out to shop at my regular grocery store, so I went on line to see what I could find to use for my personal laundry.

    I had developed a after my stay in the hospital.

    I read that it would "rinse clean, without leaving residue on clothes that can irritate skin." That sounded just perfect to me.

    I sent for one bottle of it, and started using it the day it arrived. I used it for my personal clothing and for my bedding. It was heavenly! My skin rash disappeared completely.

    And the "plus" was that once I got used to using it, I found I needed very little to get all my laundry VERY clean and there was no sweet, artificial smell as there is with so many laundry detergents. It smells like just--nothing!!

    I use it now for all my laundry--even grubby gardening clothes. It's the only laundry detergent I need.

    Thanks Dori for your Biokleen laundry detergent review.

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    Biokleen actually also has a scent-free version of detergent too, which is advertised as .

    Has anyone else used any of this brand's detergents, in any scents or varieties, to clean their clothes? If so, please , of this or any other brand.

  • It’s back and hurry up, get a free sample of a 1 oz product of Biokleen detergent for your clothes! Yes this has been back and it keeps expiring. Fortunately they keep adding it all the time so those that missed out, can still sign up.

    If the products above are too expensive for your budget, then might just be right for you. Currently at I first tested the Biokleen Liquid Detergent, but didn’t like the plastic bottle issue so I switched to powder which comes in an unbleached corrugated box. The powder works much like the liquid, which at Tree Hugging Family, but we’ll look at some general perks here..13 per load, this detergent is the least expensive detergent on my list. This particular product is 100% bio-based, ranking top of this list of eco friendly laundry detergents. The citrus fragrance is not overpowering and leaves your clothes smelling fresh, but there is also a more expensive if you prefer fragrance-free detergent. The biggest drawback I’ve encountered with Biokleen detergent is that it just doesn’t have the cleaning power the other three detergents on my list do. If you don’t have heavy-duty cleaning needs, this should get the job done for you.

  • It was a Sunday morning when I opened the dishwasher. Appropriately, I woke husband up singing the Halleluia chorus when I saw the job Biokleen dishwasher detergent did.

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It was a Sunday morning when I opened the dishwasher. Appropriately, I woke husband up singing the Halleluia chorus when I saw the job Biokleen dishwasher detergent did.