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  • If you truly want to bleach your anus, you will need to scrub your anus area on a regular basis. There is no need to go out and buy a scrub, you can make one at home using baking soda. All you do is add some water to the baking soda, which will result in a thick paste, and then apply around your anus.

    The pornographic film makers found a way to make the anus more attractive. A younger and more attractive look is the key reason why the porn industry prefers a bleached anus and a lighter skin in that area. Why should it be darker when it can be the same color as the skin around it? A bleached anus first gained its popularity among the American female stars and homosexuals, but the trend soon spread among other people as well. Therefore, cosmetic saloons where you can bleach the anus besides a Brazilian or a Playboy depilation, (where only a little triangle or a line of hair is left), are quite common in the USA.

  • You can also buy a bleaching cream at the drug store and bleach the anus yourself. The experts advise it is best to buy a night cream for bleaching with 2 percent of Hydrokinon. Apply the cream twice a day until you reach a desired skin tone. After you have bleached the anus it is best to avoid certain products, for example dark products like coca cola, red wine or coffe.

    Bleaching your anus is done completely for cosmetic reasons. It is used as a way of making the color of your anus more uniform with the surrounding skin.

  • Many people have said that having a bleached anus makes them feel more confident in sexual relationships, going for medical check ups and that it just generally makes them feel cleaner.

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I read an article about an aesthetician talking about some kind of cream that would instantly bleach the anus. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing. No cream out there would turn your dark butt hole lighter immediately. Skin lightening is a gradual process and it takes time before you see results. Even doctors would tell you that it takes approximately eight to twelve weeks before you see a difference and that still depends on the person’s skin type.