Will a bleach bath or two help to solve this problem?

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  • Embracing the practice of bleach baths, while it may provide welcome relief in the short term, is ultimately going to make the problem worse by further decimating friendly bacteria in the gut and on the skin. The bleach dries out the skin terribly too, which negatively affects the pH. This is the perfect storm that provides free rein to pathogenic bacteria to entrench and thrive even more causing further skin irritation and infection.

    People seem to forget that and one that very effectively destroys beneficial gut flora whether it ingested via tap water, absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin during a bleach bath (or even a regular bath in chlorinated tap water), or inhaled as toxic chlorine fumes during a shower.

  • Since some children can't even tolerate dilute bleach baths, be sure to talk to your pediatrician or pediatric dermatologist before trying a bleach bath.

    Again, I don’t recommend doing a bleach bath. It didn’t work for me and I feel it really put my hair at risk for damage (and it did damage one section of my hair). I recommend trying a product like Color Zap, which always seems to work well for me, or One n’ Only Color Fix.

    Jeanelle Ray: Can you curl your wig. .?

    Soul In Israel: i can't concentrate on what u are saying!!! i had to look at this 2 times!! your daughter is soo cute, creeping back and forth in the video.

    ceedocee: the kids are beautiful. im in Georgia dealing with a shedding, tangled mess of a wig and stumbled across your video on bleach bath. crossing my fingers now. gonna try this in a few min.

    glamferbreakfast: thank you sooo much for sharing!! thats a crazy difference!!!!

    Tamara Henderson: Thanks so much. I'm going through the same thing right now. My unit is so poofy,, matted and frizzy just like your pic. This is the best before and after video I've seen and now I'm definitely gonna try it. Thanks so much!

    Natalie Natalie: i was very upset , but the bleach worked.

    ronnymatt81: it sounds to me like it's a non-remy hair issue. i had the same issue with a 200 dollar unit, matted up the first time i shampood it and i could not brush through it at all. the hairs weren't all running in the same direction, it was horrible!! i did try the bleach bath but it didn't help cuz it wasn't remy hair lol thanks for the interesting video ;-)

    HiiSHEXXii: dont put grease in your weave!!! it weighs the hair down it's too heavy use something light like argan oil

    Natalie Natalie: thanks

    LionessTee d: is so cute how she is going through the back ground in the camera!

    Natalie Natalie: yes, now i know. i also realized that the wigs dont like expensive shampoo, vo5 works great

    southland34j: You said grease,pink lotion LOL girl u should know better these wigs r not made from african american hair so the products we use that weigh our hair down won't work on these units,if it's indian remy I thought that was funny.

    Teresa Lewis: How cute, the little baby creeping in the back of your video. So sweet.

    Natalie Natalie: @EnigmaDrath thanks,now i have to watch the video, dont remember what i said, lol

    EnigmaDrath: LOL!! Very nicely done. Especially about the part about the period zits... Your hair looked really natural and I sure will be trying out the bleach wash for mine.

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    The basic issue with a bleach bath for chronic skin ailments is that you are trading one problem for another: pathogenic bacteria for a toxic chemical.

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Bleach bathing - sometimes also called soap capping - is a method that many prefer to use. Hairdressers use this method due to the fact that bleach bathing, when done correctly, causes less damage to the hair than bleaching. This means that they can keep your hair in the best quality possible whilst you go through the process of lightening your hair - giving you the best results.