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Bleach Denim Bucket Hat

Buckets of Bleach

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  • According to court documents Taylor told police he saw Epperson holding a bleach bucket and spraying down his driveway with a garden house. He then saw blood on the ground and a body on the side of Epperson’s house, with a bloody hammer laying next to it.

    El Guerrerense Tex-Mex Restaurant, 2101 N. Laurent St., Victoria. Demerits: 16. Label spray bottles. Label bleach bucket at waitress station. Need certified food manager certificate posted. Keep food handler certificates on file at establishment. Need reminder by items on menu that can be served undercooked. Need to have chemical sanitation strips available. Employee drinks need lids and straws. Need light in back storage area.

  • There was no sanitizer in bleach bucket initially. This was corrected. Please use test strips frequently to ensure there is adequate solution. (5 blue)

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