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    Bleach: Dark Souls features an immense cast of 44 characters–it has the largest roster of playable characters in a Bleach video game to-date. Featuring multiplayer battles with new personalization options and 4-player online battles, players can now display an icon they created, send messages to friends, and hold online events. Players can even fight in team-based battles for the first time in the series. Returning characters can now inflict massive damage with additional moves, including new Bankai moves taken directly from the TV series. Seven thrilling gameplay modes including Story, Arcade, Versus, Training, Challenge, Time Attack and Survival , as well as over 100 mission-based battles and strategic scenarios, will provide hours of replayability.
    With over 90 cards (including 30 new Spirit Cards), players have more strategy options including the ability to speed, slow, or stop the timer during a match. New Reiju Crystals further enhance the power of player’s constructed card decks. Exclusive Bleach content.
    Brand new game extras include a new in-depth Bleach series encyclopedia, Hollow characters, multiple costumes, Wallpapers and password protected content. Based on the popular anime series now in its second season on Adult Swim. This is the anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed Bleach: The Blade of Fate. All 44 characters are voiced by the actors from the anime series.
    Special new Bankai moves and attacks
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    Based on the popular manga written by Tite Kubo, Bleach The 3rd Phantom is a spin-off storyline in the Bleach universe written by Tite Kubo himself. The 3rd Phantom is not a fighting game, but a turn-based tactic game making it unique to the previous fighting Bleach versions.
    Key Game Features:
    Original Storyline Developed for the Nintendo DS. Two playable lead characters deliver two unique storylines, with over 30 hours of gameplay in Story mode alone.
    Team-based Gameplay. Players select their teams from a cast of over 50 BLEACH characters and command them in battle.
    Extensive Gameplay Modes. After completing Story mode, there are 30 levels in BLEACH Tower mode to explore and a wireless multiplayer battle mode for two players.
    Unlockable Content. Players will unlock rare BLEACH items including Health Boosts, Spiritual Pressure enhancements, weapon items and hard-to-find BLEACH characters.
    Fight with another team!
    Two teams fight each others on an isometrically viewed battlefield. Similar to the previous Bleach games, when a character attacks an opponent the screen switches to a side view. If two teammates are near the same opponent, they can perform a tag team move more powerful than the basic ones which may make it easier to kill an enemy. The game also allows you to use kido and other special moves. Once the player has won the battle, his characters will earn experience points which will increase their stats and unlock new abilities.

  • Add a little Japanese style to your mobile phone with this Bleach phone charm based on the manga series. The Bleach Butterfly Phone Charm features a butterfly, the image of a soul after a soul burial is performed. The strap includes the name logo as well.

    But as I mentioned above, it IS the staff's darling, so we go through extra lengths for it. We have several translators going through the chapters bubble by bubble, offering alternative readings. (For better understanding; Japanese often doesn't clarify who is talking to who or about who as pronouns tend to be omitted and/or unclear.) Given the length of the chapters and people involved, our goal is to have an updated, final, as-close-to-perfect-as-possible chapter that we're all very happy with by the following week. Thus, we highly recommend that you all re-read the previous week's chapter now before reading the current one.

  • Summon the death gods of the Bleach manga series when you strap this Bleach phone charm to your mobile phone. The Bleach Shinigami Phone Charm features the name logo in red on the strap and has a charm in the shape of the skull emblem of the Shinigami, the death gods who are guardians of human souls. They sound handy, huh?

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Deb Aoki from considered the series as the Best Continuing Shōnen Manga of 2007, along with , praising the "compelling stories, dazzling action sequences and great character development". She also placed the title on her list of "Top 10 Shōnen Manga Must-Reads". The artwork and the character designs received positive response by 's A.E. Sparrow. He also commented on the series' ability to handle multiple minor character plotlines at the same time, which he considered a point of appeal, in response to fans' claims about a "lack of a story" in . Leroy Douresseaux from ComicBookBin agreed with Sparrow in the number of storylines, but also praised the fighting scenes finding them comparable to the ones of popular films. On the other hand, Mania reviewer Jarred Pine criticized the series as being plagued with stereotypes from the genre. He felt it was a rough start for the series with unimpressive battles, overused gags, and a bad introduction for central character Ichigo that causes him to come across "as a frowning punk" whose one good trait is his desire to protect. Despite this, Pine notes that he loves the series, particularly its quirky, lovable characters. said he was no longer able to take seriously after it introduced villains and in a scene precisely mirroring and 's arrival in , but acknowledged it was likely intended as a deliberate homage. He also said Kubo was able to avoid the worst artistic failings typical in series which indulge in superpowered combat, but that the battle scenes were still sometimes difficult to follow.