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Musical - Rock Musical Bleach Collection Blu-Ray Box (2BDS) [Japan BD] LPBR-2S

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  • well it has been a while since I last watched the Bleach muscals but now I really feel like watching them all again. Problem is... I just realized that somehow the Bleach Musical 01 Version I have burned on a DVD ends just when Urahara tells Ichigo that he shouldn't fear to be injured during a battle. I don#t know why it broke but well now I was wondering if anybody knows where I could redownload the first musical.

    This is from the Bleach Rock Musical Special Disk. I originally got the footage from another user on youtube. If that user doesn't want me to have this, then I will delete it.

    I wanted the part where Ohkuchi Kengo (Aizen) and Saito Kumiko (Momo) do their final words at the end of the musical. I thought it was hilarious and wanted to show people just that part.

    No subs. I don't think you need any.

  • Bleach, an anime that has played a great part in the type of anime I watch is bring back it’s Rock Musical Bleach play. The first ever Bleach Rock Musical opened in August of 2005, and the last was August 2012. The play has drawn over 180,000 people over this time and with it’s great success it is back. The Rock Musical Bleach will run from the 28th of July to the 7th of August in AiiA 2.5 Theatre Tokyo.

     Short video of the musical - YouTube - Bleach Musical!

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