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Bleaching Mustache Hair

Sally Hansen Creme Hair Bleach For Face - 1 oz

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  • Today's topic might be a bit weird for some of you.
    Lady mustaches.
    (Luv this pic of Ann Hathaway by the way...)

    I dunno if it's an #Asian thing but we all know of female stars with noticeable mustaches. I think it's because we often have very dark hair and light skin.

    For the average girl it's not too noticeable and I always ignored mine. Then I started #blogging and taking close-ups of my lips for swatches and one very nice individual remarked one day, "omg the lady has a mustache".

    I have this friend and she is a little bit darker than you Tiffany, what color should she bleach her mustache with? Should she bleack or dye it blonde like you or what??

  • How to Bleach Your Mustache

    How to bleach your mustache

    Bleach Your Mustache

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