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In this guide, we will study how you can use bleaching as ringworm treatment. But first let us briefly study the symptoms of typical ringworm infections.

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  • I recently moved into an apartment with my two dogs. My dogs have never had issues with fleas and neither them nor I have ever had problems with ringworm. In the three weeks we have lived in this apartment, they have gotten a very minor case of fleas and one of my dogs and I have both gotten ringworm. Is it possible that the ringworm was in the apartment before I moved there and that is where we got it from? I obviously don’t know very much about the previous tenants, however I do know they had cats that did not always use the litter box.

    Contact with ringworm fungus does not always result in an infection. The amount of environmental contamination is an important factor in the development of a ringworm infection, as is the age of the exposed person or animal. Healthy adult humans usually are resistant to infection unless there is a break in the skin such as a scratch. Elderly people, young children, and adults with immune system weaknesses or skin sensitivities are especially susceptible to ringworm infection. If your child has ringworm, he or she may have acquired it from your pet or from another child at school. If you or any of your family members develop suspicious skin lesions, see your family physician immediately.

  • Do not use Bleach for ringworm. It will pop the pimples in the middle of the ringworm and irritate the ringworm to where it will grow to the size of a quarter. I know because my brother tried it with Bleach and also my wrestling coach told the whole team!

    Thanks for the know how to use bleach on ringworm, i have it bad on my buttocks, groin area, i soak in the tub with bleach in water, the itching drives me crazy.

  • Bleaching ringworm treatment is one of the best ways to get rid of ringworm fast. As long as you dilute the bleach properly and use a good quality brand along with aforementioned precautions, there is no reason why it should burn your skin. We hope the bleaching ringworm treatment works for you!

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I was very skeptical about bleach curing ringworm, but I did it. I applied everyday for a week with a Q-tip. It completely dried it up and is all better. It takes at least three weeks for the actual spot to disappear, but it was worth it.