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  • Is it possible that Shunsui and Jushiro are under 2000 years old? I mean Chojiro isn’t. I don’t actually remember the flashback with Chibi Shunsui and Yamamoto at his Academy. I’ll look back at the chapter and see. It seems clear that Nanao isn’t that much younger than Shunsui. This would make way more sense if Kubo just made Nanao look the same as she does now 100 years ago and have this flashback of her as a child graduating from the Academy. Like all the Visord look the same.

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    Bleach brings Shunsui and Nanao’s arc to a close here from this subplot and it’s pretty welcome considering the weird turns it took along the way and the time spent looking towards the past. The arc had its moments early on as I do like Shunsui and his abilities, as well as his presence in general, but since it took the turn it did and put him into a weakened position to allow Nanao to step up the focus on her just felt more fillerish. Granted, I’ve only recently started reading after being out of touch for a few years, but I can’t say that at any point I was desperate for Nanao’s back story. At least Shunsui realizes at the start here that he needs to take a moment to recover at least a little bit.

  • An enigmatic individual, bordering between the extremes of persona, Captain-Commander Kyōraku's most defining characteristic is ironically that he is truly uncharacteristic. He presents himself as a man that values peace above all else. Flamboyant and laid back, the humble Shunsui carries himself throughout the day as a being without a care in the world. The Captain traipses about , engaging fellow officers in the drink of choice, , and also enjoying confections such as steamed buns and other delicacies. Shirking his duties and opting to take a nap does not escape the realm of possibilities. He is not above using his own staff to acquire whatever may strike his palate that particular day. It is nearly impossible to see this man without a smile plastered onto his unshaven face. Shunsui fancies himself something of a ladies' man as well. In particular, his repeated interactions with , whom he was known to have addressed as "my Nanao-chan", and , both of whom had once served him as subordinates, demonstrate his affections for the opposite sex. It is actually not uncommon to find the man lounging about in red light districts throughout ; definitely engaging in many acts unbecoming of a squad leader or even Shinigami in general. And what ties together this man's playful demeanor is his indiscriminate familiarity with all those that cross his path, be they ally or foe; evident by his speech pattern as shown when he would even address as "Espada-san" and as "Aizen-taichō". He demonstrates great respect to all people before him, addressing his fellow officers and colleagues with appropriate honorifics. One could say that it is quite a mystery why this peaceful pervert of a man was selected as the successor as the Gotei's Captain-Commander. But there is a deepness to Kyōraku that would greatly disturb those that dared to go looking into his consciousness.

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Ok so I had recently started reading Bleach after a long lull ..