Saenz's attorney, Ryan Deaton, told Luker to explain to the jury what he remembered about conversation of drawing bleach with syringes.

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  • Sterile, disposable syringe/needle units are NOT designed to be re-used. This equipment is manufactured to be used once and disposed of, which is what CDC recommends. The materials from which these units are made cannot withstand repeated attempts at disinfecting or sterilizing them. However, when a person who injects drugs cannot use a never-used, sterile needle and syringe, the bleach disinfection procedures can help reduce risks of HIV transmission.

    However, between 1991 and 1994, five reports combined to call into question the efficacy of bleach disinfection as a reliable AIDS prevention technique. Although no single study had been conducted that provided a complete answer on the usefulness of bleach disinfection of syringes, the combination of epidemiologic results with those from the field led to the conclusion that, in real life situations, bleached syringes might often contain viable HIV-1.

  • Although it is important to follow all steps in the bleach disinfection procedures to ensure maximum effectiveness, drug users who indicate they may be unable to do so should be encouraged to perform as much of the process as possible. The more steps done, the more effective the disinfection process is likely to be in reducing risk of HIV transmission. Remember: sterile, nondisposable syringe/needle units are not designed to be re-used.

    The difference in the recommended concentrations ofbleach reflects the difficulty of cleaning the interiorof needles and syringes and the use of needles andsyringes for parenteral injection. Thorough cleaning isan important step in the disinfection process. Disposablesyringes and needles are not intended for reuse and,because of their configuration, are extremely difficultto clean thoroughly. In addition, the needles andsyringes will be used for parenteral injection. For thesereasons, full-strength bleach is recommended for thedisinfection of needles and syringes.

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    For years, bleaching of syringes was suggested to injection drug users as a way to reduce HIV transmission through shared needles. In the mid-1990s, however, there were several studies suggesting that bleach, at least in the way injection drug users were using it, was not effective in disinfecting syringes.

Syringe Disinfection for Injection Drug Users - King County

There is a lot of information floating around on how tobleach syringes. A lot of it is contradictory. Don't letthis bother you. There is really only one part of thecleaning process that is absolutely essential: