Bleached cow skulls decorate a wall.

Bleached Cow Skull Southwest Decor

MSD Natural Rubber Square Coasters IMAGE ID 33062763 Bleached Cow Skull

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  • TAG : Sun-bleached and weathered cow skull. Hanging wire attached.
  • Earthy hued buildings, coloured like a moose's hide, are everywhere. Bright red chilli ristas are hanging from balconies and sun-bleached cow skulls are attached to the mud-brick walls. I feel like I'm on a Wild West movie set, yet I'm in Santa Fe's historic district.

    Bleached Cow Skull - I know these use to be really popular a few years back. We would paint them and decorate them with feathers and turquoise stones and they would work great as yard decor to give a cool Southwest atmosphere.

  • While we use to make frequent trips out into the desert to find bleached out cow skulls, I honestly can't say the last time I saw one in the wild. And come to think of it, I haven't really seen any in any lately. While it may or may not be the case, Southwest landscaping has certainly evolved. Still this cow skull on this ladder looks kinda cool and would probably work well in a southwest or .

    Bleached Cow Skull Vintage Lace Detail Victorian inspired crystal brooch Bridal rhinestone trim around the horns * Horns may vary slightly Made to order