Skin Bleaching Soap: What to Expect

Long-time advocate: Vybz Kartel has promoted skin-bleaching Cake Soap in the past

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  • I am using gt bleaching soap for three days already and tomorrow, I will be going to the beach. Is it okay to expose my skin with salt water while using bleaching soap?

    No. Facial wash or toner will not make any effect on the working of this soap. Just ensure to avoid direct Sun, or always use a good Sun block cream while going out during days when you use GT Bleaching Soap.

  • hey guys i have a question ,,,i m currently using this bleaching soap gt ,,,does its whitening agent will lessen if i use facial wash or toner after taking a bath??

    Other disadvantages of the bleaching of soap stocks with hydrogen peroxide in the processes heretofore known are the tendency of the resulting soap to revert in spots when stored and to take on a discolored appearance, and the excessive amounts of hydrogen per- 3 oxide required in the bleaching, which raises theecost of the resulting product to such an extent as to counteract the advantages of using cheap, low grade or discolored stocks.

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    In bleaching a low grade, discolored grease or soap stock by my invention the stock is preferably filtered through a filtering earth and decolorizing carbon to remove those impurities that may be filtered or adsorbed out of the stock. The filtered soap stock is then emulsified in an acid or non-alkaline condition with a solution of hydrogen peroxide, the quantity of hydrogen peroxide (H 0 in solution being not more than about 1% of the Weight of the stock. The resulting emulsion is agitated for a sufiicient time to enable the hydrogen peroxide to completely bleach the soap stock or to bleach it to the desired extent. The length of time for this bleaching will depend to some extent upon the fineness of the emulsion. When the bleaching action is completed the agitation of the emulsion is continued at an elevated temperature for a sufficient time to cause all of the hydrogen peroxide to completely decompose, it being important that no hydrogen peroxide should 8 remain in the stock when it is subjected to the soap making operations. as it causes foaming and porosity in an alkaline solution.

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6. Green Tea Skin Bleaching Soap: Green tea is also considered an effective ingredient for enhancing . It is rich in vitamin C, which prevents the accumulation of melanin in one area. This in turn prevents the formation of and on the skin.