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Bruce Laminate And Hardwood Floor Cleaner 64oz

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  • – Sometime your hardwood floor needs a thorough cleaning. Tackle the tough dirt or big cleaning jobs with the Bruce floor cleaning system. The kit contains all the tools you need for easy cleaning: 32 oz. spray cleaner, large telescoping mop, and absorbent terry cloth mop cover. The swivel-head mop reaches conveniently under furniture and appliances. Mop cover is reversible, washable, and reusable.

    In addition to following a regular cleaning routine using Bruce floor cleaners, take the time to read your hardwood floor warranty and . There you’ll find preventive maintenance do’s and don’ts, along with quick-fix tips, to help you protect your flooring investment.

  • Why isn't there any type of contact information on your packaging for your products? I was attempting to buy one of your mopping systems and needed to call to find out if the system was safe for laminate wood floors. I also have tile flooring in my upstairs. I wanted to find out which system would have been best for all floors. I found no phone number so I just bought the all floors kit. It still streaks my porcelain tile like all other cleaners including vinegar and water have done but it didn't leave as much of a wet mess behind. I still had to go back over it with a dry cloth to get rid of the streaks on the tile. I tried it in my entry way for the laminate and it seemed to do OK but I couldn't tell because the lighting isn't that great in my living room at this time. I'll try it on my kitchen tonight to see how well it works. Prior to I'd been using Bruces floor cleaner which smells really strong of chemicals and doesn't dissapate for some time. In addition it has dulled my floors. I bought more of your cleaning products to sample. As I run out I'm going to try your products to see how I like them. I hope that I'm still getting the same level of sanitizing that I would expect from your products as I do the chemical ridden ones. I just figure it's time to do something different and go green. Thanks

    The Bruce floor cleaner product works fine on our new laminated wood floors. The spray bottle dribbles and leaks, as do most spray bottles when you try to aim them

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