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  • Car carpet cleaners are needed to clean car carpets of all the grime and dirt adhering to them, after being subjected to all kinds of filth from all kinds of footwear. To maintain the look and hygiene in the car, one needs to clean the car carpets on a regular basis. Find out how you can do it with ease in this Buzzle article.

    If you are about to thoroughly clean out the interior of your car, you are going to need some car carpet cleaner to get stains out of the floor and the fabric of the seats. Car carpet cleaner contains detergents and surfactants that work in the same way as carpet cleaning products designed for inside the house. They come in a foam or spray to make application quick and easy, and some brands contain odor neutralizers that can replace the musty smell of a dirty car. To help you find the best carpet cleaner brand for your car, a list of the five most popular brands is provided below.

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    Turtle Wax produces an especially heavy-duty car carpet cleaning product called Turtle Wax Power Out Carpet Cleaner. It comes in 22 fluid ounce spray cans, and is slightly more expensive than most other brands of car carpet cleaner. It is more expensive because it contains a more advanced cleaning formula with different ingredients than most other brands. For example, Turtle Wax Power Out Carpet Cleaner leaves a microscopic silicone shield over the area that it has been used to clean. This helps to repel dirt and keep the carpet clean for longer.

  • Armor all makes a car carpet cleaner that is designed for use on stains made by fatty substances such as grease. It is not as strong of a cleaning agent as the cleaner made by Turtle Wax, but it is very effective at cleaning grease stains. This product releases semi-harmful vapor, so you should only use it in well ventilated areas.

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The car carpet cleaner made by Radiator Specialty is called Gunk Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner. It comes in 22 fluid ounce cans and comes out of the can as a foam. This is a good choice for a wide variety of different car interiors because it is designed to effectively clean carpet, fabric, vinyl and leather.