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Cascade Platinum ActionPacs Dishwasher Detergent, Fresh Scent, 62 count

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  • Cascade with Dawn dishwasher detergent gel cleaned up the toughest baked-on messes with ease. However, a noticeable amount of spots and a slight amount of film were left behind on the glasses. An average number of remaining items in our test loads also exhibited hard water residue.

    To keep my dishes as clean as possible, I always use Cascade with Dawn Gel Dishwasher Detergent. I normally pack my dishwasher really full, and I also do not rinse off my dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Some people think my dishes will never get clean when they see how I pack my dishwasher, but I know that when I use Cascade it will do a great job of getting all of the dirt off of my dishes.

    I also like using Cascade with Dawn because it helps you keep your dishes from getting streaky or faded. It also does not leave my dishes or my kitchen having a chemical scent like can happen with some dishwasher detergents.

    I always buy this detergent at my local grocery store, but since it's such a well-known brand name, you can pretty much buy this at any grocery store or larger convenience store. It's also not that expensive, and you can normally find coupons for Cascade.

  • I have tried cascade with dawn gel dishwasher detergent a few years ago. I don't think it left my dishes as clean as it stated it would. I still had to prewash before placing in the dishwasher. Sometimes my dishes still came out with food on them or my glasses had spots on them. I have never really been a fan of gel dishwasher detergent. The gel is harder to get out of the bottle and it seems like it does half the job as the cascade action pacs. There were times I would have to run some of the dishes through another wash cycle in the dishwasher. I
    Would have to say though that Cascade with Dawn gel dishwasher detergent, does do a great job at cleaning grease off my pans. The scent of the cascade gel also smells amazing. I think cascade gel works
    best on dishes that do not have dried food on them. I would recommend buying and using cascade complete action pacs over the cascade with dawn gel dishwasher detergent, because i think that the action pacs does a better job at cleaning my dishes.

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