The video states you can also use for dark chocolate stain removal.

Chocolate stain removal guide for clothes, upholstery and carpet {on Stain Removal 101}

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  • Scrape It First - One step that most chocolate stain removal processes have in common is to first remove excess chocolate with a dull instrument such as a blunt knife. Don't use a sharp knife, as in scraping the material you can cut into the fibers making the stain even more stubborn. By removing excess chocolate as soon as you can you lessen the risk of the stain covering an even larger area. You should do this even on very delicate fabrics or leather. The less chocolate you have to deal with in subsequent steps, the easier your task is going to be.

    This chocolate stain removal tip is even more awesome because her husband had accidentally run the jeans through the dryer, meaning the stain was much more difficult to remove.

  • Although they're not the most difficult stains to deal with, chocolate stain removal can still be a task and not always a successful one. It probably depends a little bit on the chocolate itself, milk chocolate may be the worst, but it certainly depends upon the material which has been stained. You may end up having to try more than one of these methods for a particularly stubborn stain, and depending upon what you try, remember to check certain materials for color fastness so you don't end up with something looking worse than when you starter.

    Just as there are several ways to skin a cat, there are several methods for chocolate stain removal. If you are around chocolate for any time at all, getting a chocolate stain on a white shirt or blouse, on your necktie or slacks, or on your favorite leather couch, is almost inevitable. If you have children, remember that children plus chocolate equals a chocolate stain.

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    Thanks so much. Chocolate stain removed in seconds. In your debt!

  • homemade chocolate stain remover with hydrogen peroxide worked
    by: Maggie

    This one worked beautifully. The stains that I thought had ruined my brand new white blouse came out without any trouble at all in half the time quoted.

    Thanks for saving a favorite shirt.

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The Basics of Chocolate Stain Removal

Hi. I'm Rachel Yatuzis, and I'm going to teach you something about chocolate stain removal. First, if you have a stain, you know, maybe it's a chocolate sauce, maybe melted chocolate. My son, it's always chocolate ice-cream with him, always. And it stains everything. Chocolate milk, it's so bad. First, you want to try to remove the excess chocolate, if it's not dried yet, with a paper towel. And next, you want to soak up the excess grease that's in the chocolate. So, use a powder, like baby powder, corn starch will work. And work it into the stain with the toothbrush, and the powder will start to ball up. You can kind of see it working. And repeat this process, until you think all of the oil has been soaked up. After that, you want to pre-treat your fabric, and get it ready for the washing machine. You can do that by (well first, obviously, you want to get the excess powder off. Just dump it into the sink.) Spray the area with a commercial laundry stain removal, or laundry stain remover. Or you can use rubbing alcohol. It's an excellent stain remover, you can just blot it and it works great. It works great for anything, really, ink; I mean rubbing alcohol is almost the best thing you can use, for stains. Work it into the material really well, and then wash the fabric as usual. It should take the chocolate stains right out, especially if the stains are fresh. The longer they've been sitting, the more difficult it is to get them out, but chocolate really isn't that bad as far as, you know, creating stains on your fabrics. I'm Rachel Yatuzis and that's how you remove chocolate from clothing.