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Simichrome 390050 All Metal Polish Tube - 1.76 oz.

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  • The Chrome and Metal Polish with Carnauba wax from CödeClean is ideal for classic and vintage car owners. Originally designed for the marine market to remove salt and water stains, this is a highly effective cream that can clean chrome, stainless steel and most alloys on any vehicle.

    Following our “Easy On, Easy Off” system, this chrome and metal polish is simply applied with minimal effort, but gives maximum results. The non-abrasive formula does not damage the metal, with the added Carnauba wax leaving a long lasting protective coating.

  • McKee’s RV Liquid Chrome Metal Polish can be applied by hand or machine, with foam or wool pads. Keep polished metals looking great in between washes by cleaning them with McKee’s RV Final Step Detail Wax.

    Keep your chrome or stainless shining all the time with the 75 Chrome Metal Polish! You can polish your wheels, grills, tanks and anything else that you might have chrome. It’s an easy on-easy off hand polish that leaves your truck with the brightest chrome around. A little bit goes a long way. 16oz bottle

  • Another benefit of McKee’s RV Liquid Chrome Metal Polish is that it can be used on stainless steel, chrome and aluminum. Did we forget to mention that it smells great too? Trust us when we say you’ve never used a metal polish quite like this one.

Chrome and Metal Polish with Carnauba Wax

3M™ Chrome and Metal Polish cleans away rust, corrosion and oxidation to reveal the beauty of automotive metals such as chrome, stainless steel, brass, bronze and copper. The polish also lessens spotting and pitting of metals. After the grime is gone, our polish restores the reflective shine and sparkle of metals to give a car a "showroom new" appearance. Use this polish on wheels, trim and bumpers to turn dulled metals into glistening metals with a mirror-like shine.

Our polish is easy to apply with a cloth by hand or with the assistance of a polishing tool. We formulated the polish to make it a quick process. Afterwards, buff the metal with a microfiber detailing cloth to create the ultimate shine.

Using this polish is recommended for vehicles in showrooms, car shows and on display. It's really a must-have product for any car owner who takes pride in his automobile. Polishing with this product could potentially boost the resale value of a car that's for sale. Restoring the aesthetic beauty to a car makes it more irresistible to many potential buyers.

Make your car the one that turns heads because of its sparkle and shine.