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  • After trying the standard Cimex shampoo brushes we discovered something that works better. We experimented with a variety of soft pads with the Cimex for carpet cleaning. It turns out that pads work better than the shampoo brushes for carpet cleaning with the Cimex machine. The carpets are thoroughly scrubbed using soft synthetic elastomeric FiberPlus pads attached to pad drivers. The pads make more surface contact, use less detergent is used, and accomplish a more aggressive cleaning.

    People often experience sticky carpets after using a regular carpet cleaner. This is due to the excess soap detergents that the extractor leaves behind. When this happens, it becomes even more easy for dirt to attach to the carpet; creating an even bigger mess than before. Encapsulation from the Cimex Carpet cleaner creates a process in which the dirt encompasses a hard shell, making it easy to vacuum up. Once the dust bag is full, you can discard. This is a more effective and environmentally friendly way to clean, compared to other carpet cleaners.

  • Shamrock acquired a Cimex commercial carpet cleaning machine that does a great job on office carpets. The planetary agitation gets all of the fibers clean from every direction. This low moisture encapsulation process is the best for olefin commercial carpet.

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