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No, it's not the beginning of a bad joke - it's a British ad for Comfort fabric softener (hat tip to ).

Comfort Concentrate 750ml

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  • Production Company: Thomas Thomas Films The TV Commercial Ad titled Naturist was done by Ogilvy & Mather London advertising agency for product: Comfort Fabric Softener (brand: Comfort) in United Kingdom. It was released in the Jul 2008.

    Editor: Amanda James, Final Cut The TV Commercial Ad titled NATURIST was done by Ogilvy & Mather London advertising agency for product: Comfort Fabric Softener (brand: Comfort) in United Kingdom. It was released in the Dec 2008.

  • I really like Comfort fabric softener and tend to stock up when its on offer, the last time I shopped at Tesco, I spotted this one and decided to give it a go.

    The fabric softener is available in two different sizes, a 38 wash (570ml) and a 64 wash (970ml), they retail at around £3.50 for the smaller and £5 for the larger.

    As with most fabric conditioners, there are several different fragrances available such as Passion, Sky, Pearl and Sunburst; I chose the Passion one which comes in a compact bottle with a purple and pink pattern to the front.

    The conditioner is white in colour and has quite a runny consistency, very similar to that of milk. Comfort advertise this as Ultra concentrated and state that you should use 15ml for a 4-5kg load and 32ml for a 6-7kg load, Ill be honest, I have no idea how heavy my regular load is but the washing machine is normally full so I always opt for the bigger amount. Upon removing the screw top lid from the conditioner, this bottle actually has a little pouring spout which I know some of the other Comfort conditioner don't have so I find it quite easy t pour the right amount (which for a larger load is a full cap full).
    Comfort describes the fragrance as a mix of juicy fruits, blossom petals and vanilla; it does smells quite sweet however I can't really smell the vanilla elements. As soon as I take the washing from the machine, I am greeted with the same smell as when I remove the lid from the bottle which I was quite impressed with as I have used other brands in the past where I can't smell the conditioner at all.

    The true test came when I had dried my clothes, for me, my clothes felt lovely and soft and where easy to iron too, the creases seemed to just fall out (which is always a bonus as I hate ironing). The only downside for me is that while my clothes smelt fresh for a couple of days, I noticed that after a couple of days, the fragrance did seem to disappear.
    One thing the hubby did struggle with was using a less amount, he tends to pour the conditioner straight into the compartment in the washer and puts the same amount in every time, I did have to shout as him a few times when I noticed that the conditioner seemed to disappearing quite quickly.

    I quite like the fragrance but it doesn't seem to be as long lasting as the other Comfort ones I have chosen so for that reason, this gets 4 out of 5 stars from me.

    A nudist couple seek counselling in the wake of a disturbing episode featuring Comfort fabric softener. The rules are reversed here, with the wearing of clothes seen as behaviour that threatens the relationship.

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    Although I often use a 2 in 1 washing powder I have been known to also use Comfort Fabric Softener on top as I really like the feel & smell that it gives to my clothes & bedding.

    I purchased a 2 litre bottle of comfort fabric softener from Tesco for £2.75 and I usually find that this will last for around 30 washes as I use about 65-70ml per wash (the recommend amount is one cap which is 110ml) and I always find this to be ample for softening clothes and giving everything that lovely Comfort scent.

    It comes packaged in a plastic bottle with a screw top lid which also doubles up as a measuring cap and I find this really useful as I can just get the bottle out from under the sink and not need to have anything additional to hand just to get this in to my washing machine.

    Comfort always makes my clothes lovely & soft and although I can't quite put my finger on a particular scent it's very refreshing and one that lasts for several hours on my clothes and when I move throughout the day I can really notice that I smell lovely (especially now I've stopped smoking!).

    Comfort is a fabric softener that I would recommend and my top tip for saving a few pennies is to not use as much as advised on the bottle as I always find the mesaure I used to be fine & this does not leave any residue on my clothes or cause any build up in the washing machine.

    I am rating this fabric softener 4/5 as it's very nice, if a little expensive and is widely available so most people should be able to give this a try.

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Unilever’s Comfort fabric softener is presented as the way to make clothes irresistable in “Naturists”, a humorous viral commercial seeded online in the UK in 2008.