Downy Ultra Concentrated Fabric Softener, Mountain Spring, 34 oz

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  • The processes by which the softeners of the invention are produced also affect the properties of the softeners. Accordingly, the invention also relates to methods of making the softeners of the present inention. The processes for producing aqueous concentrated fabric softeners containing fabric softening quaternary ammonium compounds, a fatty acid hydroxyalkyl polyamine condensate and a fatty amine polyglycol ether are characterized in that the quaternary ammonium compound, the condensate and the fatty amine polyglycol ether, optionally together with a polyglycol ether and a fatty acid ester, are mixed with one another at temperatures of from 50° to 70° C. to form a homogeneous melt. The resulting melt is mixed and homogenized at elevated temperature with water heated to temperatures of up to 80° C. using a mixing unit which develops high shearing forces. After homogenization, the mixture is cooled and an acid, a viscosity regulator and other auxilaries commonly used in fabric softeners are optionally added.

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  • Snuggle Exhilarations White Lilac & Spring Flowers Concentrated Fabric Softener truly captures every scent of spring in one bottle. When I first opened the bottle to sample the scent at my local grocery store, I was just shocked at how well of a job they did at creating the perfect scent. I decided right then that I was not going to buy just one of these. I ended up getting three containers of this fabric softener so I would be sure to always have it on-hand to ensure that my clothes will always smell like spring-time flowers. I would recommend this for anyone who is looking to spend a little extra money to have their clothes extra soft and smelling great.

    The performance of this fabric softener is great. My clothes and towels come out extremely soft and smelling like white lilac and spring flowers.

    The smell of this fabric softener is absolutely unbelievable. I have never purchased a fabric softener that smells better than this one.

    In the context of the invention, the term "concentrated fabric softener" is understood to include those softeners containing from about 10 to 40% by weight of the above described fabric softening components (a) and (b).

  • Leave all your linens soft and smelling great thank to James Austin's 101 concentrated fabric softener! This reliable formula gently fluffs and softens your whole load while reducing static cling and shortening dry times. Plus, it imparts a light "spring fresh" scent you'll love! Simply add 1/2 a cap of 101 to the rinse cycle for soft, great smelling laundry!

    This product may also be used as a dryer cycle fabric softener by mixing 1 ounce of 101 into a cap of water and soaking a wet washcloth in the mixture. Simply throw the washcloth into the dryer and let it tumble with your laundry for great softening action. 101 fabric softener should not be poured directly on fabrics or used in rinse water that contains bleach, bluing, or starch. Each of these products must be used before or after the 101 fabric softener cycle. Should spotting occur, wet fabric and apply a mild soap before washing again. This product is not tested on animals. Approximately 60 loads per bottle.

SA8™ Concentrated Fabric Softener – Garden Blooms 1Litre – AMWAY

Manufacturers prefer concentrated fabric softeners as it requires much less packaging and lower amounts of water during the manufacturing process. Also, as the products take up less space per unit, they can be transported in greater quantities, which reduces overall transportation costs. These advantages are leading to increasing popularity of the product, driving market sales.