Dilution : 1:10 Item : Concrete Floor Cleaner Size : 40 lb

Concrete Floor Cleaning Machines

OdoBan 936162-G Neutral pH Floor Cleaner Concentrate, 1 Gallon Bottle

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  • Traditional cleaning formulas that work great on tile, vinyl, or finished hard floor surfaces can etch a polished concrete floor or simply be ineffective at removing soiling. Jon-Don stocks the concrete cleaning and maintenance products you need to keep concrete floors clean and beautiful.

    Concrete Floor Cleaner is an economic alternative to diamond grinding, or track blasting dirty and contaminated floors prior to painting concrete floors.

  • Erith Haulage Company Limited has been fined £215,000 after an employee fell 4.5m through a fragile sky light onto a concrete floor whilst cleaning a roof at the company premises at Anchor Bay Wharf in Erith, Kent.

    But yes, concrete floors do require some attention and cleaning. Beyond these incredibly basic needs, you can essentially forget about them. For durability and ease of cleaning, concrete floors are hard to beat. However, don’t be tempted to completely take them for granted; they do need some attention from time to time. Now might be a good time to ask yourself if you make these polished concrete floor cleaning mistakes:

  • Daimer®, the industry’s leading supplier of sophisticated cleaning machines, offers the best concrete floor cleaning equipment. Their come with a host of power options and heating methods to deliver incomparable cleaning results.

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Advanced concrete floor cleaning machines, such as , are extremely flexible in their features and can be used to clean various types of floors, such as marble, granite, and linoleum. The best concrete floor cleaning machine is available with a host of wands and accessories that help operators meet the challenges of concrete cleaning with absolute ease.