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Sprayway 1973 Glass Cleaner - Pack of 6 Cans

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  • CRL Sprayway S50 is one of the leading ammonia-free glass cleaners in the industry. The foaming glass cleaner formula includes perfume-grade alcohols which are the best cleaning agents you can use. It also has a fast evaporation rate which keeps it from leaving a film and adversely interacting with other materials. Although introduced years ago in the automotive and marine detailing industry as a windshield cleaner and a mirror cleaner, CRL Sprayway S50, in its handy 19 ounce spray can, also works great on all types of windows and glass surfaces in your home or business. With other glass cleaners, you need to apply the product several times before the streaks go away to get the results you are after. With CRL Sprayway Glass Cleaner, one quick "spray and wipe" is all that you need for that streak-free finish. Not only are you saving money by using less spray on your windshields, mirrors, windows or glass surfaces, you are saving valuable time in the process! CRL Sprayway Glass Cleaner's foaming action quickly removes all film, dirt, greasy grit, smudges, smears and fingerprints from glass, tinted glass and mirror surfaces so effortlessly, you'll scratch your head wondering why you put up with those other glass cleaning brands for all of the those years! How about the back-breaking thought of getting cars' interior windshields and windows clean without having to repeat the application process? works just the same but if you want that pleasing aroma, choose the CRL Sprayway S50. Best of all, this product contains no Chlorofluorocarbons(CFC's) and is silicone free!

    CRL 1973 Glass Cleaner, a long time favorite of CRL customers, is a low ammoniated glass cleaner that is packaged in the traditional easy-to-handle 19 oz. (539 g) can, and now in new 4 oz. (113 g) mini can. CRL glass cleaner has effective cleaning agents that leave glass sparkling clean. It also has a pleasant aroma, so you can use it indoors and out with equal effectiveness.

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    CRL Sprayway 1973 Glass Cleaner is our most popular foaming glass and mirror cleaning product sold and is a long-time favorite of the pros in the glass and janitorial industry. Do you love clean windows and mirrors but hate the work? Are you tired of the drips, streaks, and film other glass and mirror cleaners leave? Our heavy-duty foam even clings to vertical surfaces. CRL Sprayway 1973 Glass Cleaner comes in 19 ounce cans and is one of the best glass cleaners on the market because it is streak-free and won't leave a film or haze, guaranteed. CRL Sprayway Glass Cleaner, with low ammonia, cleans glass, mirrors, windows, shower doors, auto windshields, stainless steel surfaces, chrome and tile throughout your home, vehicle or business, leaving a pleasing fresh scent. It get's better! Our product is made in the U.S.A. and contains no CFC's that would affect our ozone layer. Its Spray AnyWay Valve feature makes it a charm to dispense. You can count on CRL Sprayway Glass cleaner to be the best in its class!

  • CRL Glass Cleaners are available in four different time tested and industry approved foaming aerosol formulas. Choose from our All Purpose Cleaner, the original CRL 1973, the always popular CRL Sprayway® S50, or longtime favorite Hi-SHEEN. CRL also offers the convenience of a pre-mixed product available in cases of four 1 gl. (3.8 l) bottles or single 5 gl. (19 l) boxes.

1973M - CRL 1973 Glass Cleaner 4 oz. Mini Cans