4.0 out of 5 stars for Cuddly in Fabric Softeners.

Cuddly Fabric Softener Ultra Conc Relaxing Ratings - Mouths of Mums

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  • It should be alright to use in cold water as I have tried most of cuddly clothes fabric softeners in cold water and never had any problems with them whatsoever

    To fix this problem I suggest you try putting a bit of extra warm water in a empty 2 litre old cuddly clothes fabric softener bottle then adding some clothes liquid mix then some cold then put a bit more mix then some more clothes washing mix then water to the container is almost full then shake it then put the rest of the mix in with water till its below the surface and that might fix that problem

  • REVIEW: I love doing product reviews, so I decided I would put two of my favorite fabric softeners to the test. Both of these products are good but I found that the Sun Cuddle Soft was a real good buy. I like to shop at Family Dollar Stores to get most of my cleaning products. Cuddle soft really lives up to it’s name because your clothes will come out so soft. I urge you to go to your local store and pick up some Sun Cuddle Soft Fabric Softener.

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