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Dawn Plus Bleach Alternative Ultra Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid, Fresh Rapids Scent, 30 Ounce

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  • Morning Mist Scent Dawn Bleach Alternative gives you overnight soaking power in just 5 minutes. Its formula features a powerful enzyme that delivers the tough cleaning power of bleach. Since there s no bleach in Dawn Bleach Alternative, you can forget odors, skin irritation or the chance of discoloring your clothes and dishtowels. Ultra Concentrated 1 Penetrates for a Complete Clean 3 Gentle on Your Hands 5 Rinses Away Safely 4 Has a Light, Fresh Scent Includes Biodegradable Surfactants and Enzymes.

    Representing a departure from the original Dawn dish soap packaging's look with its glue-applied paper labels, the Dawn Plus Bleach Alternative dish soap PETE bottle features a no-label look created by p-s labels made from co-extruded clear film. Each bottle holds 19-fl-oz of Dawn Plus Bleach Alternative dish soap and sports a Fasson label, supplied by Avery Dennison Corp. ().

  • Use for Dawn dish liquid: I had a case of poison ivy that defied my doctor, despite four weeks of shots and prescription meds. The pharmacist told me to scrub with Dawn Bleach Alternative in the shower instead of soap. He said the bleach alternative ingredients would kill it and the Dawn soap would remove the poison oil. It worked for me — the poison ivy rash was gone in four days!
    Reuse dish soap bottles: I fill an empty dish detergent bottle with bleach and give a squirt to my dishwater and the dishwasher.
    Use it up: I squeeze all the little takeout packets of ketchup, mustard, etc. into my bigger bottles at home — that way they don’t get too old before I use them. I just don’t understand why people throw those away!
    Drying rack: I have an extra shower curtain rod centered over my bathtub that I use to hang clothes on hangers to dry. It works well, and I hide it by simply closing the shower curtain!

    Funny you should mention this. Last week I was at the store and I tend to watch prices on common items I purchase and since Joy went up about 45% recently and dropped a few cents I wanted to see what the current prices were. I have become a fan of the Dawn with bleach alternative. I find it does a better job on the microwave cookware. Anyway I was looking at the bottle to see what was in it and saw the warning not to mix with bleach. I was curious. I know about not mixing bleach and ammonia in an unventilated area. And I know about the paranoia that was around a while back when one poster was saying I'd blow up the world by mixing them to kill off snakes and rodents. So I started thinking about it, I started wondering just how dangerous it REALLY is. First of all in a sink of water, what, 5 gallons? Maybe more? You use what, a teaspoon to a tablespoon of detergent? Then, how much ammonia or ammonia-like substance is in that tablespoon? Couple drops maybe? I'm skeptical about the size of the real danger. Now, I do know from experience that using a lot of bleach, and bleach users tend to use a LOT of bleach, right? But using a lot can really have an impact on breathing and the lungs as you described. And that's without using ammonia with it. I'm wondering if your experience is more with the bleach than the mixture. I'd have to wonder how many bottles she put in there to get a reaction. I find it very plausible that a lot of bleach was used, though.

  • Dawn Ultra Bleach Alternative Dishwashing Liquid, Fresh Rapids Scent, 9 Ounce (Pack of 18) by Dawn. $28.80. Since there's no bleach in dawn bleach alternative, you can forget odors, skin irritation or the chance of discoloring your clothes and dishtowels. It's gentle on your hands, rinses away safely, and has a light fresh scent. Dawn bleach alternative penetrates for a complete clean. Its formula features a powerful enzyme that delivers the tough cleaning power ...

Dawn Platinum Bleach Alternative Dishwashing Soap 30 oz.

Gentle on hands, won't stain clothes, and has a light, fresh scent, Dawn Plus Bleach Alternative has a special enzyme that cleans just as well as bleach, but without the harmful effects.