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  • Delicates detergents generally don’t have optical brighteners, bleach alternatives, or polymers, although our budget pick does. More on these compounds .

    Our delicates detergent for general use turns out to be the same as our pick. is the best at cleaning jeans and towels, and it’s a good choice for cleaning spandex and bras, too. Although stains aren’t as much of an issue, Tide will still get your delicates cleaner according to our sebum wash test than any other delicate detergent we tested. It has the same acidity as water, which means it’s relatively gentle and still between half to a tenth of the cost of detergents made specifically for delicates.

  • Wash all your fine fabrics and delicates using naturally-derived Delicate Laundry Detergent Pods. The pods gently clean fine fabrics without the use of any harsh chemicals. The result is clothing that comes out clean, in tact and preserved and that feels soft against your skin.

    Smell is an important part of any delicates detergent, and Soak’s scent names are…a bit hard to figure out. But fear not! We did smell tests too. Yuzu is a citrusy scent, with a background of ginger or eucalyptus. Lacey smells of delicate jolly ranchers, mostly watermelon and apple. They call the smell of Celebration “inspired by the essence of red rooibos tea” , but we thought it smelled more like a mix of champagne and a clean, linen-y scent. Fig smelled of figs a bit, but more like peaches. Soak also sells an with two single-use packets of each flavor if you want to test drive a scent before you buy, plus of each scent. We thought all of them smelled very good.

  • Cleaning power is not the most important thing in a delicates detergent, since you’re generally trying to get out small amounts of oil and odor from daily wear, not trying to remove chocolate or grass stains. But we tested this anyway, just to make sure there were no wide variations. Most delicates are either protein-based (like silk) or synthetic (like nylon). We hand washed both silk and nylon -stained fabrics from following the directions on the bottle for how much to use. Some detergents, including no-rinse versions, called for only a teaspoon. Most used around three teaspoons, but Ivory Snow and Woolite suggested using as much as two tablespoons.

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You gals remember Woolite? Call us old-school but the stuff just works. A delicate detergent for your unmentionables and more, this mild cleaner is easygoing on even the most gentle fabrics. From yarn crochets to laces, thin embroidery threads to tassels and more, it’s your safeguard against the hard-working but often harsh chemicals in detergents you’d use on tough towels and sheets.