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Staino Tooth Stain Eraser (2 tips per unit)

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  • A - Dental stain removal done professionally by our resident dentist is highly effective. The length of time your teeth stay stain-free depends on the state of your teeth and gums, your overall health, the level of staining you have, the type of stain removal treatment provided, and also how you reduce staining re-occurrence through good oral hygiene and life-style.

    A - Besides the various stain removal options discussed, there are also different types of veneers such as Cerinate Lumineers or crowns. For natural remedy, some people regularly rinse their mouths with warm salt water after eating and apply lemon juice as a natural bleaching agent to their teeth. However, not all teeth staining conditions can be treated with natural remedies, so it is best to ask our resident dentist about dental stain removal and alternative therapies.

  • A - How regularly you need to see the dentist for stain removal depends on the condition of your teeth and the type of stains. Stained teeth can be superficial, deep embedded or developmental. Superficial stains are on the surface of the teeth and can be removed with whitening toothpaste, and dental scaling and polishing. Deep embedded stains are in the structure of the tooth such as caused by tobacco and need to be removed by a dentist through peroxide teeth-whitening treatment. If deep structure tooth stains are due to genetics or antibiotics, then veneers, Cerinate Lumineers or Enlighten treatment may need to be considered. Our resident dentist will discuss your teeth stains with you, what treatment will be most appropriate for your needs, and how frequently you will need to be seen.

    A - Our resident dentist will provide you with guidance about dental stain removal and will also book an appointment to remove discolouration from your teeth through appropriate stain removal procedures.

    Product Name: Dental Stain Remover Pachage: 1 Pc / Blister Card
    Color: Transparent Color Material: Plastic
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  • A - When self-applying stain removal techniques, such as home peroxide bleaching without supervision by a dentist, injury can occur to the gums and mouth because of the peroxide content or lack of gum protection during bleaching. Trying to scrape your teeth yourself with scaling instruments can also damage the enamel of your teeth that further aggravates more staining. Seeking advice on dental treatments and staining procedures from our resident dentist is advisable to prevent any injury or damage to your teeth from self-remedies. Properly administered dental stain removal, such as by our resident dentist, will prevent discomfort and pain. You will also be better informed about your dental health and how to improve dental hygiene habits. If you have fears in seeing a dentist about your teeth stains, you can also call us and we can discuss sedative options with you to help you relax when visiting the practice.

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In other prior art reference such as U.S. Pat. No. 4,004,344 a dental stain remover apparatus is disclosed which is geometrically configured to allow an individual user to reach his or her teeth. This apparatus suffers from a contamination problem in that water, dental materials and other waste can enter through the shaft cavity to foul the motor, electrical leads and batteries or breed bacteria in the housing cavity. It should also be noted that in this reference that internal wires are connected from the motor to the batteries. Movement of the motor and switch can cause electrical disconnection as the dental stain remover instrument is handled and used requiring increased maintenance or malfunctioning of the instrument.