Lamp made out of detergent bottle.........cute

Does anyone have a doll pattern made from a detergent bottle?Tina from Weber City, VA

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  • 1 of 2 Recycle laundry detergent bottles Save those 100-oz. laundry detergent bottles and use them to hold jumbo supplies of screws and nails. Cut the top off the bottle to create a wide-mouth bin with a built-in handl

    Whether you are a spa owner, massage therapist or esthetician, clean linens are always a must! Our white HDPE F-style plastic laundry detergent bottles with aluminum caps could be ideal for packaging professional strength laundry detergent or cleanser.

    *As always you should test your product with the packaging to ensure compatibility. We do not imply these products are fit for any particular use.

  • Save the bright orange liquid detergent bottles during the year. Decorate the front of the bottle with either black felt, or black fun foam cut into triangle eyes, and nose, and zigzag mouth.

    Most people have one use for them — to hold laundry detergent. But if you look at the design of modern detergent bottles, they clearly have a life beyond the last drop of liquid goodness inside. All it takes is a little imagination.

  • In my previous post on , I briefly touched on the detergent bottle. And in doing so, I uncovered a multitude of uses for this versatile bottle that is usually trashed or recycled the second it runs dry.

Let’s talk about detergent bottles

Now I am trying to think about how to get more detergent bottles, because I need to replace my watering can, and I could use a scoop, and a place to keep bird seed, and there is some painting coming up...