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Solid detergent sticks, which can be used with the Car Wheel Brush (2601), Short Car Brush (2603) and Medium Car Brush Plus(2604)

OxiClean Gel Sticks - 6.2 oz

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  • The amount of the synthetic detergent component of the detergent stick is not especially critical and in general may range from about 1% to about by weight based on the weight of the entire composition. Any synthetic detergent may be used selected from the three major classes of nonionics, anionics, and cationics.

    3. The detergent stick as claimed in claim 2 wherein said alkali metal stearate is sodium stearate and said synthetic detergent is a non-ionic synthetic detergent.

  • 4. The detergent stick as claimed in claim 1 wherein said soap is an alkali metal salt of a saturated fatty acid containing from 12-20 carbon atoms, said alcohol is ethyl alcohol and said synthetic detergent is a non-ionic synthetic detergent.

    In producing the gel component of the compositions of the present invention, the fatty acid salt is most conveniently added to the alcohol while the latter is at an elevated temperature. Generally from about 1% to about lO% of the total detergent stick is composed of the fatty acid salt (i.e., soap) and from about to about of the said detergent stick is comprised of the alcohol, generally resulting in about 60 to 99% by weight of a gelled soap in the composition.

  • 6. In a method for laundering soiled articles in a detergent wash, the improvement which comprises rubbing said textile materials prior to laundering in said detergent wash with the water-moistened detergent stick of claim 1.

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Stainless Steel Kitchen Metal Rust Remover Cleaning Detergent Stick Wash Brush Pot Kitchen Cooking Cleaning Tools Usage: Wet while wiping edge, the outer membrane in use before you cut a circle, exhausted. If the rust was severe, please moistened with cleaner better. Notice: Pls don't completely stripped shell When using it just strip a little. more water more effective! wearing gloves when use it , as the material will hurt your fingers, use with caution! After use please rinse and place out of the reach of children! Color: Randomly,no color choice Size: 5*2*7cm Material: Microfiber Package Included: 1Pcs * Clean Stick