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20 Vol. Developper Bleach on Brown Hair

20 Volume Creme Developer

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  • The best, but slightly more complicated option? Purchasing separate developer and bleach from Sally’s or similar, and mixing them together. Here are my suggestions for each:

    I've read all of the articles on here about bleaching. Last year, I put blue streaks in my dyed blue black hair, and I love it. Now I want to put more streaks in. I have not dyed it blue black for 9 months. I was wondering if I use a 30 volume developer with bleach (quick blue) will it work? I need it to be a pale blond color. I did it with 40 volume last time and I got some damage. If a 30 volume would not lift then I would do the 40 volume, but just much more carefully. Thanks so much.

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Developer is basically hydrogen peroxide.