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Seventh Generation, Free & Clear Auto Dish Powder 75 Ounces

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  • I am so disappointed and after doing some research, I've found additional complaints that are similar or have done worse damage to dishwashers. I would like the company to refund me the amount I paid as well as be forced to make chemical changes to their product to ensure the protection of the consumers' dishwasher and dishes/utensils contained within the dishwasher while using the product. Needless to say, I will be trying another product such as Jet Dry as long as it is not produced by the same company that makes/manufactures Finish Advanced Automatic dishwasher detergent powder because I am not interested in further damaging my dishwasher or anything I put in it. Again, I have images as well as a video for demonstrative purposes. I hope the company does the right thing and provides a prompt refund those that request one, makes chemical changes to better the dissolving and alleviates the film/residue left on dishwashers and dishes/utensils, and/or replace dishwasher of those consumers that were forced to fix/service or replace their dishwasher unit because of the negligence of the company by providing a faulty product to consumers. Photos provided.

    I purchased Finish Advanced Automatic dishwasher detergent powder 50 oz. box because Cascade constantly leaves residue on many of my dishes. The very first time I used the product, it completely clogged and disabled my dishwasher detergent door. We put the detergent in the door as directed on the box careful not to overfill the drawer. We turned the dishwasher on and left for the afternoon. When we returned, I noticed that none of my dishes were washed (still dirty as they sit in the dishwasher) and there was a small residue around the door area of the dishwasher where the detergent was added, but the actual door where the detergent was added was not open. Odd. I attempted to open the door and noted that a lot of force was needed to do so. I then attempted to force it open but it would not budge as if the door had been cemented closed. We then attempted to soak the door to see if that would dissolve what we assumed/deduced was caked on or hardened powder. Inevitably, we had to ply the door open with knives and various tools.

  • I hate washing by hand. I also hate harming the environment when it isn't necessary. This dishwashing detergent powder is great on both fronts. I don't have to wash by hand it gets even the worst pans clean.
    I love that it is great on the environment and chlorine and harmful chemical free so I can really feel good about using it. I also like it is scent free-some detergents are just vulgar smelling and I can't take it, so scentless is a great improvement on that!

    If you like good old fashioned dishwasher detergent powder, you are not alone. Many people prefer powder so that they can control the amount of soap. Others appreciate the gentle scrubbing action that powder offers on their dishes and in their dishwasher. If powder dishwasher detergent is your favorite, then Cascade Complete powder might be the perfect answer for your dish needs. Most formulas can be found phosphate free and the added boost of Dawn dish soap helps to cut grease on even the

  • I really like this dishwasher detergent powder. It doesn't get stuck to the dishes or the dishwasher and rinses off right every time. I like that it is from Seventh Generation and scent free and also chlorine free. I feel good about using a product that is so consciencious of the environment.
    Something I like even more is how much I save on this product buying it from Thrive! I was spending over $7 in store (it's hard to find here) and now I can order it for under $5. That is just great! I love being able to save a few dollars when I am able to!

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Cascade Complete Powder dishwasher detergent powers away 24-hour-stuck-on food, dissolving tough food particles from your dishes. And it's formulated with the grease-fighting power of Dawn. Which means you can skip a step at the sink and still get a complete clean.