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Nice-pak Sani-Cloth Disinfecting Surface Wipes - NICM955S806

Professional Disposables Surface Disinfectant Super Sani-Cloth Wipes, 160 Count

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  • TAG : Perfect for gyms, fitness centers, schools, and hospitals
  • WipesPlus® Disinfecting Surface Wipes are lint free, highly absorbent, and the water-based formula makes them safe to use on plastics, laminates, metals, Plexiglas screens and rubber surfaces.

    These sanitizing wipes are available in a variety of quantities, so you’ll be able to choose the perfect amount for your small or large business. All of these products are also available at affordable low prices, so you’ll have no trouble buying all of the cleaning items you need without breaking the bank. Whether you own a restaurant, banquet hall, or buffet, these products will keep your establishment sanitized from top to bottom. For related products, check out our , , and . If you're wondering where to buy pre-moistened sanitizing / disinfectant surface wipes, we have a large selection of pre-moistened sanitizing / disinfectant surface wipes for sale at the lowest prices.

  • Kills Tuberculosis, bacteria, H1N1, viruses and Staph on surfaces. Every area where staff, visitors, guests, customers and the general public convene, there are surfaces that need to be regularly cleaned and freed of dirt, grime, harmful germs and bacteria. WipesPlus® Disinfecting Surface Wipes are more effective, efficient and cost less than sprays and towels, making them the right wipe in any location. Independently lab tested to quickly disinfect and EPA registered in 50 states, WipesPlus® Disinfecting Wipes are bactericidal, tuberculocidal and virucidal. Kills Pandemic 2009 H1N1 Influenza A Virus, Tuberculosis, bacteria, viruses and Staph.

Disinfectant Wipes are great to use on door knobs, hand rails, ..