Baking soda is an antiseptic with disinfecting properties, ..

Disinfecting and Sanitizing Carpet Proper steps based on reality

Hoover Steam Mop TwinTank Steam Cleaner WH20200

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  • Give disinfecting carpet cleaner to any pet owners in your life and give them the same ability to erase pet stains and odors as you have. Doubling as a stain remover and a training device, try carpet stain removers a great tool for pet lovers with little puppies or kittens. Antibacterial stain removers like carpet stain remover destroy odors so new pet owners enjoy their animals without the new smells. With carpet disinfectant ready at hand, pet owners focus on enjoying their pet’s company without the constant reminder of unsightly stains.

    Apply disinfecting carpet cleaner to dirty pet beds. A stain remover helps remove the smelly stains that pets leave behind while sleeping. Antibacterial stain remover formula also kills the germs that make pet beds breeding grounds for common germs. Regular use of carpet disinfectant is also useful on carpeted areas where dogs and cats play.

Disinfecting with Clorox® Clean-Up® Spray Cleaner