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Dissolve All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate - BLINQ

Dissolve All-Purpose Extra Strength Styling Iron Cleaner

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  • Razors and scraping with sos pads remove the ceramic which can cause snagged hair and it protects your hair. Don’t scrape it with an sos pad or a razor. Yes rubbing alcohol and a lot of patience and scrubbing will work. I’m a cosmetologist and we use relaxer on a rag, warm up the iron and wipe it off. I know not all people have access to relaxer, so have fun with the rubbing alcohol. Or I’d just use the Dissolve All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate you get at sallys. Very nice tips though. Have fun cleaning those irons girls

    HOWEVER, while this is the cheapest way to clean your curling iron (or flat iron) you can get Dissolve All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate which is meant to remove gunk from curling irons, flat irons and the like. It costs around $5 to $7 at a beauty supply store. No scrubbing or fussing at all and it will last a very long time.

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