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  • Hi I'm Rachel Yatuzis and I'm going to teach you about Dry Erase stain removal. Dry Erase markers can get on your clothes all the time especially nowadays kids going to school they don't use chalk boards any more as much as they used to. They are starting to lean more towards dry erase boards and when your kids are writing on the dry erase board their sleeve is rubbing all over that marker. Usually they come home with stains. It is a not a big deal. You want to remove the dry erase marker just like you would any ink stain, it may be a little bit easier actually than like a ball point pen or something like that. So I'm going to make a mark with this dry erase marker. You have got a nice red dry erase stain on these jeans. Now what you want to do is well first I would wet the stain just a little bit with a sponge. Next grab your hair spray, there we go, douse the stain with hair spray. Hair spray is going to really grab on to that ink and scrub it. Repeat this two or three times just keep working with it, keep working with it and you will start to see the stain lighten. You need to keep getting it wet if the hair spray is drying out, whatever you have got to do. It is not going to remove the mark completely when you do this but it is going to make it significantly lighter and you can see it is already starting to fade and this is when it is time to wash the clothing so grab your stain remover, you know your laundry pretreater, spray it on there, let it, just follow the instructions, spray it on there 15, 20 minutes, if you want to let it set over night, whatever you feel like doing and throw it in the wash. After you wash it, throw it in the dryer and when it comes out the stain should be gone. I'm Rachel Yatuzis and those are dry erase marker stain removal tips.

    Removing a dry erase marker stain can be both tough andfrustrating. Because of your busy, over-scheduled life, it's importantto remove dry erase marker stains as quickly as possible. An oxygenbleach cleaner is an effective dry erase marker stain remover which canpreserve the integrity of your article of clothing, carpet, tile groutor an upholstered chair or couch. Removing dry erase marker stains isfast and easy when you mix an all-natural, environmentally safe oxygenbleach and apply that solution to the stained object. It's veryfrustrating while working on some notes in preparation for a meeting atwork the next day, you accidentally swipe the sleeve of your whitecotton shirt with your dry erase marker, leaving a dark line on thecuff. Why throw things away that can be easily cleaned and restored?You'll save time, money and effort by following these simple methods onhow to remove a dry erase marker stain.

Removing Dry Erase Marker from a Couch.