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Gardus RLE202 LintEater 10-Piece Rotary Dryer Vent Cleaning System

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  • Popular dryer vent cleaning tools include the RoVac dryer vent cleaning system, which comes complete with dryer vent rods and a dryer vent brush on a spring leader, plus standard dryer vent brushes, drill adaptors, blockage removal tools, and a guide ball, plus a Y-adaptor to allow the RoVac to brush the vent from inside.

    Dryer vent cleaning tools and dryer vent diagnostic tools are a must for any company or individual specializing in cleaning dryer vents. Pressure gauges and vane anemometers are a must for measuring both airflow and temperature, allowing you to provide accurate diagnostics. When it comes to dryer vent cleaning tools, essentials include adapters and brushes, or complete systems that can attach to dryer vent vacuums, providing fast and effective action against the lint that can cause lethal house fires.

  • The Viper Dryer Vent Cleaning System is another popular set of dryer vent cleaning tools; it comes with the Mini Viper, plus a flexible spiral tip, and PEK brushes. It also includes a 30" lint extracting brush for clearing lint from the bottom of the dryer and the lint trap.

    A wall dryer vent needs to be cleaned at least once a year, but many people are unaware of how easy it can be to clean a wall vent. Unless your wall dryer vent goes on for 10 feet or more, cleaning it is easy. Disconnect the dryer hose from the vent and move the dryer out of the way. Clean around the vent opening and, if you know how, open the back of the dryer and clean the lint from there as well. Use a dryer vent cleaning tool that you can buy at any hardware or home improvement store, to clean the vent by simply inserting the cleaning tool into the vent and then removing it. Clean the vent exhaust on the outer portion of your wall by hand, but be sure to wear a pair of work gloves.

  • Cleaning dryer vents is now easier and faster than ever, thanks to some innovative new dryer vent cleaning equipment, dryer vent cleaning tools, and . Things like cameras and lights can make your job a whole lot simpler, and leave your customers’ dryer vents looking and working just like new again. Let’s take a look at some of the most innovative products available.

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