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Naturally It's Clean Floor Cleaner, 24-Ounce (Pack of 6)

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  • It is important to keep epoxy floors clean and well-maintained on a regular basis to ensure its durability and good looks. The best way to do this is to hire or purchase reliable and proven epoxy floor cleaners. Simple mopping may be sufficient to remove light stains and dirt, but for tackling stains caused by chemicals, oils and grease, you need epoxy floor steam cleaners or advanced epoxy floor cleaning machines designed for hard floor cleaning and maintenance.

    Steam cleaning is absolutely an outstanding way to clean, sanitize, and disinfect epoxy flooring, as steam cleaners use water vapor that contains very less water content. The power of heated steam is enough to take care of the dirt and grime on the epoxy floors. Less water usage also ensures faster drying of the cleaned flooring. Using superior epoxy floor steam cleaners is important to get the desired results. The best steam cleaners’ available offer:

  • There are available, which come with features that allow operators to use the machine in one long start to stop action without having to shut down for refilling or reheating the system. This feature can be highly useful for cleaning commercial epoxy floors that are stretched over larger areas. Choosing a portable epoxy floor cleaner is a smart thing to do when you have to clean tiles in a commercial facility or an industry.

    Epoxy floors are aesthetically appealing, due to the sheen and seamless appearance they impart to the flooring. Epoxy flooring is recommended for use in industrial and commercial facilities, as it offers good protection to concrete surfaces, which can be easily soiled by oils, grease, chemicals, and other types of industrial materials. Being a porous material, concrete readily absorbs spills, which can be tough to remove. With epoxy floors, you can get enhanced protection and durability. Cleaning epoxy floorings is usually done by using a superior epoxy floor cleaning machine.

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    A biodegradable, non-polluting multipurpose cleaner/degreaser, C.A. Reed's Epoxy Floor Cleaner is safe for everyday use.  It eliminates animal and vegetable fats in food processing areas and lifts petroleum-base soil from industrial spaces. It deodorizes as it cleans, and does not contain butyl or petroleum solvents.

  • Daimer® epoxy floor steam cleaners and are the first choice of professionals, as they come packed with everything needed to clean epoxy floors and keep them look fresh and new.

How To Use The EpoxyClean Epoxy Floor Cleaner System

The EDGE oscillating brush system is ideal for epoxy floor cleaning, a range of special non aggressive pads can remove tyre marks and scratches. Maintain the look of your painted floor with a TomCat