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Spritz away and instantly eliminate fabric odors with Febreze Fabric Refresher.

Febreze Extra Strength Pet Odor Eliminator Room & Carpet Deodorizing Powder Endorsed by BISSELL, 32 ounces

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  • Recently I was given a bottle of the new Febreze Carpet Deodorizing Powder to review for all of you. Incase you didn’t know, this carpet deodorizing powder is endorsed by the great folks over at Bissell.

    ? Eliminate Tough Pet Odors - Experience a deeper clean with Febreze Carpet DeodorizingPowder—it eliminates odors while adding long-lasting freshness.? Boost the Results of Vacuuming - Simply sprinkle on carpets before cleaning to remove dirt. Dirt clings to powder, making it larger and easier for your vacuum to pick up.? Refresh Your Home - Enjoy a pleasant scent around your house, thanks to the long lastingfreshness of Febreze.? Several Great Uses - Freshen other areas like drapes, upholstery, and even autointeriors.? More Scents Available - Febreze Carpet Deodorizing Powder is available in HawaiianAloha, Thai Dragon Fruit, Mediterranean Lavender, andExtra Strength Pet Odor Eliminator.

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