Chapter 1 Robotic Floor Cleaner Market Overview

1.4 Robotic Floor Cleaner Market Segmentation by Application

Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Refill, 128 oz, Clear

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  • Susie Homemaker I am not. I manage to do things like laundry and dishes pretty well, and the other chores that you have to do or you’ll run out of things. Floors, though, almost always get overlooked. I’ll sweep sometimes, or vacuum when the floor is clean enough to do so. But I rarely get to any deeper floor cleaning. The process is usually messy with a lot of prep and clean up.

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  • Just as there are many different kinds of floors, there are also numerous types of floor cleaning and maintenance challenges. Examples of what you can learn from the articles at LoveToKnow Cleaning include:

    I started with the hard floor cleaning setup, and was very pleased with how simple it was. The floor cleaner comes with several different floor pads, so I had to make sure the right one was on the machine. Then I mixed the cleaning fluid with cold water in the included mixing bottle (it includes one for hard floors and one for carpet), and started cleaning. It runs a lot like a vacuum. Plug it in, turn it on, lean it back, and run it over the floor. You press a button to spray the cleaner out on the floor, which you can do more or less of, depending on your needs. You can also have the machine scrub parts of the floor more or less, since the bottom of the machine vibrates in place.

  • The system works across virtually any floor substrate, allowing only one chemistry needed for each step of floor maintenance, including a low-odor floor stripper, multi-finish floor finish, plus sealer and heavy-duty neutral floor cleaner, McCollum stated.

4.1 Global Robotic Floor Cleaner Production by Region (2011-2016)

Ok, is this a girl’s club or are bachelors allowed in here as well,,,lol. Just wanted to say thanks for the great recipe and add a little something. Just pulled all of the carpet out of my home and replaced with laminate. I loved the look but hated the streaks. Even with this solution and a microfiber head it was a lot of work to get it streak free. I just picked up the Shark Sonic Duo and between this recipe and that machine it cut my cleaning time in half. The machine actually scrubs the floor with two microfiber pads and this solution leaves my floor squeaky clean and looking great. Much cleaner and easier than the old mop.