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Sprayway, Sprayway Glass Cleaner, 19 oz Cans, Pack of 4

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  • America's #1 glass cleaner! Diversey Windex starts cleaning even before you wipe, leaving glass and other surfaces sparkling. This exclusive Windex Ammonia-D 32 oz. glass and multi-surface spray cleaner contains special grease-cutting actives and surfactants that loosen soil on contact and remove dirt without streaking or filming.

    Windex glass cleaning spray is recommended for cleaning a variety of hard surfaces, including stainless steel, chrome, porcelain, ceramic tile, Plexiglas, Formica counters, mirrors, plastic, vinyl, tabletops and, of course, glass. Windex glass cleaning spray starts to clean before you even start to wipe, and is designed for tough dirt and grime. A unique combination of ingredients work together to provide effective, faster cleaning.

    You can use the Invisible Glass Cleaner Spray in the car to give you perfect visibility through the windshield and mirrors as well as in and around the home.

  • With its unique ClearDry™ formula, the Invisible Glass Cleaner Spray promises no streaks, no haze and no residue on all of your glass surfaces - perfect for indoor and outdoor windows, mirrors, shower screens and glass oven doors. The Invisible Glass Cleaner Spray is completely free of soap, foam, scents or dyes, and evaporates quickly to leave a completely clear glass surface, ideal great for removing fingerprints, smears, bugs, sap and tough dirt.

Glass Cleaner Spray - 0.25 gal (32 fl oz) - 1 Each DRA90135EA Glass