Thorne Electric Koblenz P-620B Hard Floor Cleaning Machine

Escalator Cleaning Hard floor cleaning machine / Escalator Cleaner

Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner, FH40160PC - Corded

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  • Basically an automatic scrubber scrubs the floor and immediately picks up the cleaning solution through a wet vacuum system which leaves the floor almost immediately dry. This type of hard floor cleaning machine accomplishes several things for the residential homeowner. An automatic scrubber…

    This equipment speeds up the cleaning process and reduces fatigue because the machine is doing the work instead of manually doing the floor cleaning. Hoover is the one of the most popular of these types of hardwood floor cleaning machines.

  • This article is designed to illustrate automatic scrubbers used and built specifically for the residential homeowner. Most automatic scrubbers are thought of as a commercial hard floor cleaning machine but the marketplace recognized the need for a hard floor cleaning machine that works for the homeowner.

    Hello heyheyhello, the Thorne Electric Koblenz P-620A Hard Floor Cleaning Machine with it's approx 18-inch handle. Please feel free to contact us again with any further questions. Thank you for shopping with us!

    Koblenz TP-2S-2015-DC Industrial 20" Hard Floor Cleaner Cleaning Machine

  • Sanitaire SC6010A 17" Hard Floor Cleaner Machine, Chrome plated steel construction, 50' Power Cord, by HAWK

    Residential homeowners are always looking for a better and faster way of doing things. These include cleaning floors. So it is no wonder that homeowners would be looking for a hard floor cleaning machine. There are many choices in the marketplace and a variety of different types of cleaning machines. But as stated in the first sentence if this article, homeowners are looking for better and faster ways of doing things because in today’s world, we are so busy in our work and family responsibilities that hard floor cleaning machines that make cleaning floors more efficient, is exactly what homeowners are interested in this topic.

by Hoover $ 119 31 $159.99 Prime

To ease the cleaning process, Daimer® hard floor cleaner machines include a specialized extraction system to continuously extract while cleaning to eliminate runoff. Water, dirt, and cleaning solutions are extracted into a separate chamber for easy removal.