Floors before washing with HDX Wood Floor Cleaner

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Shaw Hard Surfaces Floor Cleaner with HDX Terry Cloth Towels Bundle

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  • The Wife and I cleaned half our hardwood floors with Bona Hardwood Cleaner and the other half with this HDX Wood Floor Cleaner. We were happily surprised to find that the HDX version lived up to the standards that had been set by the Bona cleaner: it provided a nice shine on the floors, the smell wasn't offensive, it didn't leave any sticky residue, it glided well with a standard cleaning pad, and it dried quickly. Considering that the HDX Wood Floor Cleaner costs $5 less than the comaprable Bona Hardwood Cleaner, The Wife and I are very pleased with this product!

    HDX Wood Floor Cleaner restores shine to wood and laminate floors. This floor cleaner removes spots, stains and scuff marks and is safe on baseboards and cabinets. HDX Wood Floor Cleaner can be used daily to clean dirt and grime.

Wonderful hardwood floor cleaner.