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“The girl threw the bleach and it got in my face and everything, it got on the police,” said Blount.

CLOROX COMPANY, THE 30781 55oz HE Bleach

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  • I had never heard of HE bleach, so I went to the Clorox website. Sure enough, there it was. It says it's a gel-like consistency. See what you think.

    Someone here a while ago said that HE does suds up more than normal and they read that HE bleach on the clorox website also states something about it, and they also said that the website said that it is not a disinfectant, I looked for it and couldnt find where they talk about it, maybe it was reviews? but I quit using it because of the suds issue, regular bleach does not do that.

  • In defense of mc58's Bleach test,
    I also tried the new HE type and found lots of suds.
    I have one of the first Neptune's and no window but i stop the cycle to check unreliable water levels and found tons of suds in a wash load that bleach was the only difference in washing technique.
    My question was why would bleach have foam?

    My LG dispenses bleach late in the main wash, which is dumb. Better designed machines use two rinses with bleach and dispense it in the first rinse. This allows a small amount of bleach to be used, without having to guess how a large soil load in the main was will use up the bleach. Or at least some machines used to do bleach this way. Hopefully regulations have killed off the better bleach dispensing design in all washers.

    Clorox HE Bleach Gel Original/Fresh Meadow 16ct Shipper

  • He eventually defeats his arch nemesis, but then another one crops up because Bleach is essentially an excellent anime that could continue indefinitely. In this way, I think there is a meta-theme to Bleach being metaphorically a fractal, with self-similar stories that repeat infinitely with enough variation to keep people hooked.

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Blount claims she did not throw the bleach. She said someone else did. Blount also showed 24 Hour News 8 some of her damaged clothes as evidence.