Excelsior HE Dishwasher Detergent

Not sure about that, but if you are going to make the dishwasher detergent & will have some on hand… give it a shot & let us know

Dropps He Dishwasher Detergent Pacs with Oxi-Action, Lemon Scent, 120 Count

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  • I list the ingredients, too, which sound a lot less “natural” than many other things I read, but many of them are explained at EWG or here. I’m not sure if these detergents are really, truly natural and non-toxic, but I am certain they’re loads better than the conventional dishwasher detergent, which can be some of the most caustic cleaning agents you have and most harmful to the environment, too.

    Hi Stacy. I used your auto dishwasher soap tonight and got wonderful results. I have one question. Did the dishwasher detergent recipes call for Lemi-Shine Liquid Rinse? or Lemi-Shine Detergent Booster? Thank you.

  • I found a similar recpie that suggested adding citric acid to the mix to prevent the dinginess on glassware. I have been using this and it seems to work well. I didn’t buy the citric acid, but did get “Lemashine” from Walmart in the same aisle where the other dishwashing detergents are located. For a recpie this size, I used between half to 1 cup of Lemashine. It seems to work just as well as any store-bought brand I’ve tried. The vinegar also helps to keep the dishwasher itself clean too. If your detergent mix clumps, I read somewhere else you can add some dry rice to the mix and it will keep it from clumping. I tried this as well and it worked great, didn’t leave rice on the dishes either…ha ha.

    The company claims to provide healthier and safer products, BUT ingredients such as “fragrance” and “preservative” are listed on their automatic dishwasher detergent.

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  • We also use Melaleuca’s Diamond Brite and the dish soap. They work amazingly with a concentrated formula that does not require you to use much. (ex: if I use Method brand dish soap in the sink it takes 2-3 pumps, Melaleuca’s dish soap requires a TINY squirt, probably the equivalent of half a pump of Method). The dishwasher detergent only requires a half full dispenser, if that. This is in a Frigidaire dishwasher, nothing fancy. We have used Melaleuca for 10+ years and have always been happy with the performance of their products. They do not claim to be organic or anything like that, only to have products that are safe for your home, family and environment, made with non-toxic ingredients.

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Excelsior HE Rinse Aid offers an unsurpassed cleaning performance, and leaves dishes sparkling clean!
It helps prevent food residues, chemicals, detergents, and hard water from attaching to dishes and glassware.
Excelsior HE Rinse Aid is an environmentally friendly formula that is phosphate,and solvent free, biodegradable and is safe to use in all dishwashers.
Use this product in conjunction with Excelsior HE Dishwasher Detergent to get the best cleaning results from your dishwasher.