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  • Hot water carpet cleaning wands are more flexible than carpet shampooers, making them more suitable for wall-to-wall carpeting and places that are difficult to reach with a carpet shampooer.

    Heated carpet cleaners can help break up dirt and grease that cannot be removed easily by conventional carpet cleaning methods. Cleaning carpets in apartment complexes, hotels, or commercial and industrial facilities with large carpeted areas can be done more efficiently with hot water extraction carpet cleaning equipment. These powerful and advanced hot water extractor systems can remove tough and unyielding marks and spots from carpets and upholstery with amazing efficacy.

  • Hot water extraction carpet cleaning machines work by injecting heated water deep into the carpet's pile. The enhanced cleaning power of heated water combines with the cleaning technology of advanced heating element carpet extractor to encapsulate the dirt, grime, oil, and other deposits, and makes them rise to the surface for easy extraction and elimination. The best hot water carpet cleaner comes with a powerful suction feature to completely extract the muck and grimy solution to leave the carpet clean, fresh, and ready for use in the quickest possible time.

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    I show the steps on how to clean a carpet with a hot water extraction machine.

    Your carpet is on duty all day grabbing dust, dirt, bacteria, pollen, dust mites, smoke and other allergenic substances from the air.

    Government studies have shown that people get sick up to 4 times more often when carpeting is removed from homes or work places.

    So the key to a healthy home is keeping your carpets clean. Vacuuming is an important maintenance routine, but if you are not using fine particle bags or filters, you are putting the smallest particles back into the air.

    The EPA stated that using a professional hot water carpet cleaner to steam clean a carpet will get a rug 1,500 percent cleaner than vacuuming.

    Using a carpet cleaner traps dirt, dust, bacteria and dust mites into the hot soapy water to be sucked up by the vacuum action of a carpet cleaner. The result is much cleaner carpets and much cleaner air quality.

    For cleaning stains on carpet, you can add spot and stain remover to a hot water extraction machine to pull up difficult stains.

  • This strongly constructed hot water carpet cleaning machine is perfect for the professional user, its large capacity and powerful, thermostatically controlled, heater make it ideal for cleaning badly soiled and large stretches of carpet. Features include:

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