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How to Put Bleach Blonde Streaks on Dark Hair at Home

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  • However, before jumping on further, there is a word of precaution for all in this how to bleach guideline. Once you are done with your decision to bleach hair, you can practically never undo its effect. In other words, once your hair, nevertheless the region, has been bleached to the typical golden brown color, they may never come back to their normal color / tone naturally. You may have to use a color dye to bring them back to their original tone.

    The steps mentioned below in this how to bleach guideline explains you how to exactly bleach hair on your body without incurring any unwanted damage. There are a few steps to follow that get you started with the process. Make sure to make available a bleaching cream, clean towel, cold water and a protective cream to be applied after the completion of the bleach process. It is strongly suggested to conduct a patch test before actually trying to bleach hair. For the patch test, make sure to mix the ingredients of the bleach pack exactly as suggested in the ingredients.

  • The following steps in this how to bleach guideline should only be conducted when the patch test has not resulted into any unwanted signs of irritation or inflammation.

    This is one of the most important steps in this guide on how to bleach hair. Blind application of the cream to bleach hair on the body without paying much attention to its right mixture may result into the inflammation of the skin. To avoid this side effect, always apply the ingredients of the bleach in the quantity as suggested by the instructions. Also remember that you should mix the ingredients only when are absolutely ready to bleach hair so that the mixture is strong enough to transform the color of the hair.

  • The heart of this guide on how to bleach hair is the right application of the cream for maximum effect. While applying the cream to bleach hair make sure that the cream completely covers the hair. Apply gently and avoid rubbing the area with the cream.

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And there you have it, girls (and maybe boys)! The definitive guide on how to bleach hair in the comfort of your own home while spending ten times less than you would normally in a salon. I hope you all made it to the finishing line without dropping dead. I’m sorry the post is so long, I just wanted to make sure I covered all the stages and that it’ll be helpful to you. Of course, if you have any further questions, you’re more than welcome to leave a comment below, I’ll gladly reply. Also, be a friend and share this post as I know a lot of people struggle with getting their hair color right, thanks!