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  • To mask any lingering odor, spritz the interior and the drawers with citrus-oil wood polish (try Howard orange oil Wood Polish; $10, ) and rub it into the wood with a cloth, says Rod Keyser, the owner of the Restoration Studio, in Philadelphia. If you want to go all out, seal the interior and the drawers with shellac (try Zinsser Bulls Eye Shellac; $14, ).

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    If you’re unsure about what your speaker cabinet is made of, consult the product manual or manufacturer’s website for information. You want to be certain that solutions or sprays won’t negatively affect materials. Some generally safe suggestions for wood are Howard Orange Oil Wood Polish, Murphy’s Oil Soap, or anything meant for wood furniture. Otherwise, your best bet for basic surface cleaning is to use warm water mixed with a mild detergent (like Dawn dish soap).

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